ISBN-10: 1780883196
ISBN-13: 978-1780883199
Who is Civitas Vera?

Civitas Vera is a collaborative group of individuals, who contribute their reflections and writings on the themes of citizenship, responsibility, sustainability and leadership. We come from different backgrounds, from the not-for-profit and business sectors, and bring together our different experiences and perspectives to shape new ideas. Our intention is to stimulate innovative thinking and practice, towards a more values-based, responsible and inclusive way of living, working and leading.

Civitas Vera explores the ways in which we can use our rights as citizens to help create an inclusive community. We look specifically at issues such as:
  • True Citizenship - How to engage with those who have been marginalized by society, to value them as equal partners and work together to build communities that support an inclusive world.

  • Sustainability: Messages from the Next Generation How young people perceive the issues of sustainability and equality, and what they want this generation to do about it.