A place for peace
22nd September, 2013

Where, in our lives, do we allocate time and space for peace? Where do I? The answer is nowhere important enough. I often think and speak about what is wrong with the world, not about peace and what is right. The media tells me what is wrong with the world and where the troubles are. The world is much more uncertain and we are more insecure, fighting for our salaries, our personal spaces. Yet within this we should stop, think, reflect and make time for peace.

So what is it that we should be doing, feeling and thinking? The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that it is:

Freedom from disturbance

Mental or emotional calm

The state of being free from civil disorder

We can be disturbed by our inner state and the external world. However we could choose to operate from love, care and support for ourselves and for each other. This is always easier if we, ourselves, feel loved.  As some-one said to me, ‘if you can’t look after yourself, you can’t look after anybody else.’ Loving yourself is easier if there are people in your life who care for you and reaffirm your self-respect and esteem. You can also just give yourself permission to love yourself and others.

Sometimes though, our life circumstances prevent us from feeling loved. We may feel trapped or one of the people who are supposed to love us treats us badly. ? It is worth taking time to stop and think about where the turmoil is coming from and consider how to address it or live with it so that peace can return.  It can be difficult to move out of these situations to gain peace but we should always ask ourselves, ‘Why am I putting up with this?’ How can I change the situation so that all gain peace and love?

Once you love and care for yourself, then calmness enters and you can look outside yourself to others. You can offer peace from within, which is the true peace.  Manufactured peace is not real and does not last. Peace from within will lead us all to freedom in heart, mind and body. What if we ran our countries from a peace perspective? What if we ran our lives from a peace perspective? What if?

‘First, peace is necessary it is the only path to true security.

Second, peace is just.

Which leads to my third point, peace is possible.

That is where peace begins- not just in the plans of leaders, but in the hearts of people.’

(Excerpts from President Obama’s speech in Israel, March 2013)

© Civitas Vera, 2013