ISBN-10: 1780883196
ISBN-13: 978-1780883199
Sustainability: Messages from the Next Generation

What is it about?

Sustainability: Messages from the Next Generation is a collection of quotes, poems and art, about what sustainability and diversity mean, why theyre important, and what the worlds leaders should be doing to advance these objectives. The contributors are young people from England, The Lebanon, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Our world is being handed to the next generation along with the benefits and disadvantages of the choice to either live sustainably or not.

Why is it important?

The book provides an engaging and colourful picture of the values and priorities of our youth in respect to how we live in and impact on the world and one another. It poignantly reflects their hopes and fears, and provides an unequivocal message to the worlds leaders that they need to act now to ensure that our children inherit a better, healthier and more inclusive world than we currently live in.

Our leaders should promote good will and unity and the usage of renewable resources.

Dont make promises you cant keep. And think well before you say anything that will raise false hopes amongst those you lead.

Structure of the book

The book is divided into three sections, each of which comprises quotes, poems and drawings from young people across four countries.

Section One looks at the importance of sustainability. The importance of protecting the environment, addressing poverty, taking responsibility, protecting the earth for the next generation, and respecting diversity and equality emerge as important themes.

Section Two explores how young people interpret the principles of sustainability, specifically self-care and self-control, integrity, patience, freedom of heart and mind, courage and fearlessness, working for future generations, and productive living and working.

Section Three provides their thoughts on what leaders should do to advance sustainability and equality.

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