Who is Civitas Vera?

We are a group of mental health professionals who have worked in mental health and learning disability services for many years. Our books are produced collectively to help the person whom we serve so that they can live as they want and get the help they need when they need it.

Services for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities have undergone so many changes since the 1980’s. We had the urgency of de-institutionalisation of moving people into from hospitals to community settings. People who already lived at home did not always get the help they need.

Nowadays, we have services that can be offered by many providers, some people living better lives and others not. For us, sometimes what should be a service with heart and values has become a business.

Our aim through our books and other material is to place heart, compassion and values back into service delivery so that we are truly serving people for whom we work.

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