As we work for and support people with differences, we can forget to stop, think and reflect about what we do and how we support people, so our values are at the centre of our thoughts and actions.

Here are some books that will help. Please let us know what you think of them.


Adults with challenging behaviours can unsettle the professionals and services who are supposed to help. In such services, the focus is often on fixing rather than understanding the person. This manual sets out a new approach which places the person and their distress and reaction at the centre of the investigation, to encourage understanding of the reasons (internal or external) for the reactions and to work towards a workable resolution. With plenty of resources to help question what, if any, intervention is needed, followed by a methodology to really look at the person's life, as well as examining topics such as autism, depression, happiness, well-being, collective leadership and the psychology of respect, this book gives a more human approach when helping anyone living with these behaviours.

Key Points

  • A new approach to helping someone with mental health problems and challenging behaviours.

  • Written by a group of dedicated mental health professionals with many years of experience.

  • With free-to-use photocopiable resources and templates.

The book is available through (ebook and paperback).

The paperback is also available on this website:

Ebook : ISBN 978-1-8381954-1-0 | Price: £ 7.50

Paperback : ISBN 987-1-8381954-0-3 | Price: £ 19.99

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